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Incrediblefiction 《Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School》 – Chapter 2134 – Meet Hong Yifeng mysterious hat read-p2

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Gallowsfiction Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At Schoolblog – Chapter 2134 – Meet Hong Yifeng mask vanish share-p2
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 2134 – Meet Hong Yifeng carry zoom
Following looking at it, Jing Yunyao received a supplement from Shangguan Yang to improve her physical appearance. One time she finished disguising herself, she proceeded to go by helping cover their Gu Ning, while Miao Jingjing patiently waited for their reports on the siheyuan.
Nonetheless, it turned out tough to say whether he might have the opportunity.
All at once, Hong Yifeng enjoyed a program to kidnap Gu Ning and get her concerning the mystical ability in Colaine medicinal drugs.
If she really planned to cooperate with an individual, she would have cooperated with others long ago. They wouldn’t are able whatsoever.
Seeing and hearing that, Hong Yifeng was displeased. He sensed Gu Ning didn’t appreciate his style provide.
Cultivators liked an increased position than mortals, but it relied on one’s manners whether or not to show humbleness to mortals.
As soon as Hong Yifeng still left the Shengning Business, he suddenly observed a touch of marvelous electrical power not far off. It was actually very genuine, just like it came from prize.
The man explained his surname was Hong and didn’t tell his full name, but Gu Ning understood he was Hong Yifeng from his voice.
If she really want to cooperate with another person, she may have cooperated with others a long time ago. They wouldn’t are able in any respect.
Ultimately, Hong Yifeng was so mad that they immediately switched around and eventually left angrily.
Zhou Wenqun was unhappy, but he could understand it. The Shengning Organization obtained tens of millions of yuan in a very.s.units. It experienced many vast amounts of yuan in income! Therefore, there was clearly no issues in starting production facilities and sponsoring manpower.
Even though he arrived at reach an agreement with Gu Ning, he was still very conceited.
Eventually, Hong Yifeng was so mad that they immediately turned around and left angrily.
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Even Zhou Wenqun couldn’t support frowning, but he didn’t dare to disrupt.
If she really want to work with someone, she will have cooperated with others years ago. They wouldn’t are able whatsoever.
Every time they saw Gu Ning, Hong Yifeng looked very arrogant, mainly because cultivators were actually better than mortals. It turned out unattainable to help them to reveal humility to mortals.
Experiencing Hong Yifeng approaching, Jing Yunyao had taken the night time-luminescent pearl that Gu Ning provided her and walked inside the arranged motion.
Just before returning on this page, Gu Ning obtained questioned Qiao Ya in the future more than, so Qiao Ya was already there when Gu Ning appeared.
Ability to hear that, Hong Yifeng was displeased. He felt Gu Ning didn’t treasure his type give.
“Thank you Mr. Hong, for your own authorization of Colaine, but right away, I have no prefer to cooperate with any individual. However some of Colaine prescription drugs happen to be in limited supply, it will be fixed inside of a calendar month. I have already established other production facilities, which can be almost completed and may commence output quickly. The Shengning Firm has satisfactory capital, so there is not any should cooperate in the creation of medicines. Should I need cohesiveness, my very own family members will be my primary choice. Of course, an individual shouldn’t enable gains made by one’s individual work to collect to other folks!” Gu Ning reported.
Zhou Wenqun was let down, but he could comprehend it. The Shengning Company experienced tens of billions of yuan inside a.s.collections. It had several huge amounts of yuan in cash flow! Thus, there seemed to be no trouble in creating production facilities and sponsoring manpower.
Gu Ning wasn’t amazed that Hong Yifeng learned her multitude mainly because it was really easy to get a variety with links.
To avoid many others from discovering that Jing Yunyao and Gu Ning realized one another, Jing Yunyao have out from the auto after they were actually about to reach the firm. She would wait in the area for Hong Yifeng in the future out, then steer him away and invasion him.
Cultivators liked a greater position than mortals, but it surely depended on one’s manners if they should demonstrate humility to mortals.
Zhou Wenqun’s att.i.tude was not the same as Hong Yifeng’s. Zhou Wenqun was very sort, and also there was faint enjoyment in their sound, because he respected and highly regarded Gu Ning.
“Thank you Mr. Hong, for the agreement of Colaine, but from the beginning, We have no wish to cooperate with anybody. However some of Colaine drug treatments have been in small provide, it will be sorted out in a calendar month. I’ve already established other factories, that are almost finished and will start out generation in the near future. The Shengning Firm has sufficient cash, so there is not any ought to work in producing medications. Should I will need cooperation, my own, personal family are going to be my very first choice. Naturally, a single shouldn’t enable added benefits made by one’s own try to collect to other people!” Gu Ning claimed.
“May I recognize what company package Mr. Hong hopes to discuss with me?” Gu Ning questioned.
At the same time, Hong Yifeng experienced a structure to kidnap Gu Ning and ask her about the mystical energy in Colaine medications.
“How about within your organization? What do you think, Miss Gu?” Hong Yifeng explained.
“Sure, the place?” Gu Ning didn’t transform him down, as it was what exactly she wanted.
The man mentioned his surname was Hong and didn’t notify his full name, but Gu Ning was aware he was Hong Yifeng from his speech.
The good thing is, Hong Yifeng also realized which he emerged to discuss cooperation with Gu Ning, so he didn’t dress yourself in airs facing Gu Ning. He greeted Gu Ning politely. “Miss Gu, h.e.l.lo, my surname is Hong. I’m Hong Yifeng.”
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“See afterward you,” explained Hong Yifeng.
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Hong Yifeng’s att.i.tude wasn’t encourage when making promotions either. He irritated others, so nobody might be happy to cooperate with him.

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